Production Capacity

With a production area of over 500,000 square feet, we can guarantee a monthly supply of up to 30,000 tons. Anfora is the only "atomized clay" producer in Mexico.

To ensure a constant and adequate supply of raw materials in case of supplier shortages, we maintain a minimum of 3 month’s worth of inventory. Anfora’s technical, executive and sales departments are ready to assist you in any matter and ensure you will get professional help for the proper use of our products. We are able to address your needs within 24 hours via email or phone.

In addition to finding new customers, we aim for long-term business partners, setting up win-win relationships that guarantee mutual growth in both national and international markets.

We are the most experienced company in clay and enamel formulation for any industrial porcelain specialty. Our solutions are aimed at manufacturing:

  • Dinnerware sets and spares (low and high temperature)
  • Sanitaryware (mid and high temperature)
  • Electrical porcelain such as high-voltage nozzles, lamp bases and many more
  • Flooring and coating systems
One of our main advantages as long tradition and experienced porcelain manufcaturers, is how we understand and translate the technical and commercial needs of our customers. Rest assured we will back you up.