Customized Decorations

The presence of porcelain in your restaurant, hotel or institution can grow with the distinctive imprint of your image. We offer a wide variety of affordable, high-resistance and timeless decoration options starting from 600 pieces, applied at a 1,100 ºC manufacturing process.

With the following concepts, we hope to facilitate your decoration choice:
  • Edge: the thin line borders the wing of the plate. Can be one or several together, combining colours.
  • Logo: it is usually placed in the wing of the plate, but there are conce
  • Logo and interrupted edge: the continuity of the edge is interrupted in a harmonious way to fit in the logo.
  • Border: consists of various decorative elements distributed around the brim of the dish. It can be narrow or wide.
  • Band: a wide line, between 0.55” – 1” thick, printed on the wing of the plate.
  • Logo and interrupted border: just like the edge, a border can be interrupted to fit in a logo.
  • Center: logo or decoration placed at the center of the plate, occupying a part or the entire surface of it.
  • One-face color: uniform color sticker applied to the entire front face of the plate, leaving the opposite side blank. This method allows you to use any color of our palette.
  • Enamel color: the plate is colored on both sides, usually without textures. The range of colors for this type of decoration is limited.
  • Hand-painted color: with the help of a lathe, color is applied to the surface of the dish, acquiring an unmatched texture.
  • Gold and platinum: precious metals used for a very special and elegant presentation. No ordinary ceramic color can match its appearance and texture. It’s a great way to highlight the design of any decoration, but keep in mind microwave use is not allowed.

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